MSME & Entrepreneurship

Testing IVRS as a Tool to Promote Digital Payment Adoption Among Micro and Small Merchants


This field story presents learnings from a study which tested a dedicated Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS) platform to spread awareness about digital payments among small merchants.

Compendium of Reports on Home-based Businesses

Badal Malick, Rajesh Shukla, Pratibha Joshi, Megha Shree, Anshuman Mehta, Ankur Gautam, Harsh Nisar

This report elaborates on potential pain-points in business operations and the financial context where digital financial service providers and policy-makers at large can innovate to provide the necessary support structures for Home-Based Businesses (HBBs) to improve their financial health.

Women In Business: The Many Shades Of Grit And Perseverance

In this compendium, we feature journeys of entrepreneurs from diverse sections of society and highlight the role of grit and perseverance in enabling their success.

Digital is Good for Business, Adds Value for Consumers


This field story captures insights from a small merchant’s experience of running an e-Mitra centre in Jaipur, and highlights the barriers in nudging customers to pay digitally at the point of sale.

Tuning into the Sound of Digital Transactions


This field story captures insights from a small merchant’s experience of running an e-Mitra centre in Jaipur, and highlights the potential for digitising P2B and P2G payments.

Opportunity and Growth for Small Merchants with e-Mitras


Catalyst engaged with select e-Mitra merchants for a pilot project to promote card payments at these centers. This field story captures insights on the opportunities for digitising payments at e-Mitra centres.

Can Hunger for Growth Lead to Early Adoption of Digital Payment Solutions?


This field story highlights barriers to digital payments adoption by micro and small merchants and identifies potential use cases, drawing from the experience of a merchant in Jaipur.

A Small Business Go-to Guide for Going Cashless

Sapna Bharath and Gaurav Singhal

This infographic provides a snapshot of the different mobile-based, biometric and card-based digital payment solutions available in India, including a breakup of the technology prerequisites, transaction costs and limits across different platforms.

Leveraging GST for Digital Payments

Mandar Kagade, Raghav Katyal, Janak Priyani, Diksha Singh

This learning note presents insights from a study conducted by Catalyst to understand pain points around GST compliance for wholesalers merchants, and identifies strategies for leveraging tax compliance as a hook for digitising payments.

Is Cash the King?

Shilpa Pandit, Preethi Kannan, Vedika Inamdar, Praveen, Deepthi Kc

Using ethnographic and in-depth qualitative interview research methods, this study sought to understand the factors that influence usage of cash and digital payment solutions among microbusinesses and market clusters of Jaipur, India. This report presents insights on the transaction profile and preferences of different types of enterprises, and identifies potential channels of intervention.