February 17, 2023


10.00 am to 1:30 pm


Pathways to Resilient and Sustainable Enterprise Development

Partners: Ambuja Cement Foundation

There has been increasing emphasis on developing a more inclusive and sustainable micro-entrepreneurship development ecosystem in India, in recent times. In addition to development finance, philanthropic and CSR funding is being directed to programs and interventions focused on integrated enterprise and livelihood creation in the farm and non-farm sectors. Complex interventions are increasingly being implemented and evaluated in the area of livelihoods creation, rural development and community health to assess the scalability of community-based development projects.

Ambuja Cement Foundation and LEAD at Krea University organised a half-day closed-door workshop featuring diverse experts from practice, policy and philanthropy to discuss some key questions and map potential pathways for scaling/expanding existing models as well as identifying emerging good practices in enabling enterprise development. Participants shared best practices and learnings from their work and explored how these can be adapted in different socio-cultural contexts for supporting growth-stage enterprises. The discussions also examined how participatory and innovative monitoring, evaluation and learning can contribute to understanding the impact of complex interventions and inform philanthropic and CSR investments.


Workshop Summary: Pathways to Resilient and Sustainable Enterprise Development – Lessons from the Ground