MSME & Entrepreneurship

Study on Prevalence of Bonded Labour in Tamil Nadu

This study involved developing and testing a robust and comprehensive tool to estimate the prevalence of bonded labour in the state of Tamil Nadu.


Collateral and Guarantee

This study aims to test the impact of lowering collateral and guarantee requirements on the sustainability of Chit Funds.


Study of Labour Market Choices and Outcomes in India

This study aims to understand skills training and employment preferences of India’s rural youthm, as well as examines the social networks and work-related mobility of these youth to identify factors that contribute to labour market choices and preferences.


Demand for Flexibility in Labor Arrangements: Evidence From Rural India

This study examines the demand for flexibility in work arrangements among casual laborers in Odisha, and how this affects worker absenteeism and firm productivity. 


Alternative Credit Scores for Small and Medium Enterprises

This study presents insights from an alternative credit scoring system, developed to address the shortage of data for informing credit decisions for the small and medium enterprise segment. 


Markers of Trust: Recreating Digital Ecosystems for Women in Low-income Clusters

Shilpa Pandit

This learning note presents insights on the key aspects for designing a more inclusive and enabling digital ecosystem for women from low-income households, based on immersive qualitative research. The study focused on four different segments of female micro-entrepreneurs and self-employed workers – old clothes vendors, bangle makers, tie & dye workers, and domestic workers. 

Digitizing Micro-merchant Ecosystems – Supply Chains


This report presents insights from a series of experiments that explore the potential of digitizing payments within dairy, pharma and FMCG supply chains. The experiments were conducted as part of Catalyst’s digital payments lab in Jaipur, Rajasthan. 

Digitizing Micro-merchant Ecosystems – Roving Service Providers


This report presents insights from Catalyst’s survey of roving service providers in Jaipur. It highlights pain points that this segment of micromerchants faced in adopting and using digital payments, and presents tailored strategies to enable digitisation. 

Digitizing Micro-merchant Ecosystems – Fixed Stores


This report presents insights from Catalyst’s survey of fixed-store establishments in Jaipur. It highlights pain points that micromerchants face in digitising their financial and business transactions, and presents strategies to enable digitisation grounded based on human-centred design.

Testing IVRS as a Tool to Promote Digital Payment Adoption Among Micro and Small Merchants


This field story presents learnings from a study which tested a dedicated Interactive Voice Response System (IVRS) platform to spread awareness about digital payments among small merchants.