Small, Growing Businesses and Employment

Productivity and Competition in India’s Brick Industry

This study examines the underlying role of financial misallocation in driving productivity dispersion, in India’s brick industry. … Read More

Market Access and Enterprise Readiness of Women-led Businesses – Handicrafts and Handlooms

This study aims to understand market access and enterprise readiness among women entrepreneurs in the handicrafts and handlooms sector in order to identify impediments to a more enabling entrepreneurial ecosystem for them. … Read More

The Evolving Financial Ecosystem for Micro-Merchants in India

This study aims to gain deeper insights into the financial needs of micro-merchants and identify skill and capacity gaps that need to be addressed in order to ease their adoption of digital payments. … Read More

Optimizing Network Referrals to Identify and Recruit Credit Worthy Entrepreneurs

Microfinance lenders make limited credit offers due to operational challenges in extensive referral and screening processes. This study aims to explore and optimize a referral protocol to identify good entrepreneurs and increase their access to credit. … Read More

Tamil Nadu State Rural Livelihoods Mission (TNSRLM)

The Tamil Nadu State Rural Livelihoods Mission (TNSRLM) plans to expand in Tamil Nadu with the same guiding principles as Tamil Nadu Pudhu Vaazhvu Project (TNPVP). The Annual Action Plan of TNSRLM states that the TNPVP will be the “pilot … Read More

What Determines Entrepreneurial Success? A Psychometric Study of Rural Entrepreneurs in India

Viral Acharya, Abhilasha Rajanb, Antoinette Schoar

In this paper, the authors investigate what determines entrepreneurial success by studying the characteristics of rural kiosk operators in India, specifically kiosks run by Drishtee. We constructed a questionnaire to collect data on various psychological factors from existing kiosk operators … Read More

Are there Cultural Determinants of Entrepreneurship?

Rajkamal Iyer, Antoinette Schoar

This paper sheds light on the heterogeneity in the way that entrepreneurs from different communities conduct their business and the importance of community ties on the business dealings of entrepreneurs.