Health Systems and Quality of Life

Door to Door Marketing of Chlorine Tablets

An investigation to study the influence of purchasing out of pressure, rather than genuine demand for the product alone, on product usage. … Read More

Evaluating the Impact of Health Services on Recipients of Livelihoods Support

This study investigates the impact the combination of a livelihood program with a health program on the ability of low-income households to escape health-income poverty traps. … Read More

Gender Differences in Seeking Health Care: Evidence From India

This study examines gender differentials in seeking medical care, in light of the healthcare costs faced by household. … Read More

Microloans, Bednets and Malaria: Evidence From a Randomized Controlled Trial in Odisha

This study evaluates the uptake of a health-protecting technology, insecticide-treated bednets (ITNs), through micro-consumer loans, as compared to free distribution and control conditions.
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Chronic Sleep Deprivation Among the Poor: A Lab-and-Field Approach in India

This study examines the impact of sleep deprivation on cognitive function, decision-making and economic outcomes. … Read More

India Child Well-being Report

Sarojitha Arokiaraj, Sapna Nair, Vigneshraja Kadirvell, Bestin Samuel

This report aims to measure child well-being as a state of being that facilitates i) Healthy Individual Development, ii) Positive Relationships and iii) Protective Contexts. The indices and the scores on child well-being have been computed using a rigorous methodology … Read More

Nurse and Physician Reflections on the Application of a Quality Standards Training Program to Reduce Maternal Mortality

Shannon Maloney, Mohammad Siahpush, Danae Dinkel, Paraskevi A Farazi, Jithin Jose, Rohini Dutta

Low and middle income countries are characterised by high rates of maternal mortality, in spite of a rise in facility-supported births. This warrants a need to assess the quality of maternal care. The current study evaluated provider perspectives on teaching … Read More

To Pad or Not To Pad: Towards Better Sanitary Care for Women in Indian Slums

Supriya Garikipati, Camille Boudot

A number of programmes have recently been initiated to popularise the use of sanitary pads among women from low-income and marginalised segments, in developing countries. In this light, this article reviews prevailing menstrual practices in different contexts across India, as … Read More

Impact of Improved Father Involvement in Early Childhood Care Among Rural Indian Parents: Insights from Randomised Evaluation

This study examines the impact of awareness and behaviour change among parents on children’s development, as well as early stimulation and learning. … Read More

Improving Quality of Health Care to Reduce Maternal Mortality in Kerala, India

This assessment examines the impact of a quality standards training program based on guidelines to improve on the management of postpartum haemorrhage (PPH) and pregnancy-induced hypertension (PIH) in public hospitals in Kerala. … Read More