Health Systems and Quality of Life

Take-home Rations in the Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS): Study of Coverage and Uptake in Tamil Nadu

Sapna Nair, Sattvika Ashok, Purnima Menon, Rasmi Avula

Integrated Child Development Services (ICDS), a flagship program of the Government of India, offers nutrition services to support child development. One major component of ICDS is the Supplementary Nutrition Program (SNP), which provides take-home rations for all children under 6 … Read More

Impact of Community-Based Depression Treatment

LEAD at Krea University and Swiss Programme for Research on Global Issues for Development

This infographic offers a snapshot of depression in India and highlights findings from a community-based cluster cross-randomized trial in a peri-urban region near Bangalore, India and suggests that combined pharmacotherapy, livelihoods assistance interventions and community-based treatments using local resources may … Read More

Impact of Community-Based Depression Treatment – Evidence from India 

LEAD at Krea University and Swiss Programme for Research on Global Issues for Development

Globally, depression affects an estimated 3.8 percent of the population. It is the fourth largest contributor to the global burden of disease and the third largest source of years lost to disability. Estimates from the National Mental Health Survey 2015-16 … Read More

COVID-19 and Adaptation to Mental Health Services

Sapna Nair and R Padmavati

COVID-19 caused disruptions in services to those with mental illness in several countries across the globe. While these disruptions have been well-documented, few studies have looked at the service provider perspective. A recent study by LEAD at Krea University and the Schizophrenia … Read More

Landscaping the Sexual and Reproductive Rights of Adolescents

Diya Ahuja, Twinkle Juneja and Sapna Nair

Seeta* is a teenager in rural Uttar Pradesh. Harassment by boys from the village had become an ordinary spectacle that relentlessly continued every day as she traced her steps to school. Despite her fears, a wary Seeta chose to not confide … Read More

The COVID-19 Pandemic and its Impact on Mental Health Services: The Provider Perspective

Sapna Nair, Preethi Kannan, Kaustav Mehta, Ananya Raju, John Mathew, Padmavati Ramachandran

This exploratory study supported by the Oxford India Centre for Sustainable Development, at the University of Oxford, provides insight into Schizophrenia Research Foundation (SCARF)’s experience in providing mental health services to communities in Tamil Nadu, in the Covid-19 context. … Read More

Improving Sexual and Reproductive Health Awareness among Youth: Evaluation of the Kissa Kahani Program

This study examines the impact of a community-based multi-media intervention that aims to improve sexual and reproductive health awareness among youth. … Read More

Impact Assessment of Infosys Foundation’s Grants

As part of this project, the Infosys Foundation engaged LEAD to undertake impact assessments of its grantee portfolio. … Read More

Tamil Nadu Socioeconomic Mobility Survey

This panel survey was initiated to understand the long-term pathways that influence socio-economic development. … Read More

Exploring the Uptake and Use of Supplementary Nutrition under ICDS

This study examines the demand and supply side factors that influence the uptake of Take Home Rations provided under the ICDS program, in Tamil Nadu. … Read More