Data Innovations

It’s Only a 5-minute Walk from Here: Comparing Respondent Travel Distance Perceptions in Social Surveys to Alternative Measures

Morchan Karthick, Shruti Kakade, Nelson Mathews, Kartikeya Bhatotia

Self-reported information on individuals’ access to infrastructure and services relevant to distance and travel time is commonly recorded in social surveys. Accuracy issues and rounding-off errors afflict the data obtained through this technique.  This study explores the use of Google … Read More

Business Readiness Scorecard for Women

Rigzom Wangchuk, Ria Dutta, M P Karthick, Kanika Joshi

The Business Readiness Scorecard for Women-Handloom and Handicrafts Sector (WBRS-HHS) is a data-driven diagnostic tool, which attempts to identify key constraints and high-performance areas for home-based enterprises in the handloom and handicrafts sectors of India. The WBRS tool was developed … Read More