Business Readiness Scorecard for Women

Rigzom Wangchuk, Ria Dutta, M P Karthick, Kanika Joshi


The Business Readiness Scorecard for Women-Handloom and Handicrafts Sector (WBRS-HHS) is a data-driven diagnostic tool, which attempts to identify key constraints and high-performance areas for home-based enterprises in the handloom and handicrafts sectors of India. The WBRS tool was developed as a result of data collected from 800 home-based women entrepreneurs in four districts each, in Rajasthan and Tamil Nadu. It assesses the readiness of women entrepreneurs on their ability and preparedness to sustain and scale their current business portfolio across economic as well as social, cultural and behavioural parameters.


Research Brief

Thematic Area

Data Innovations,

Small, Growing Businesses and Employment