Social Media’s Impact on Women’s Entrepreneurial Journey

Megha Shree, Inayat Singh Beri

Expanding upon the insights shared in the initial segment of our two-part blog, the discussion in this second piece is anchored on the women who are benefitting from taking the social commerce route globally and how social media is providing … Read More

Social Commerce and the Growth of Women Entrepreneurship 

Megha Shree, Inayat Singh Beri

This blog dissects social commerce in the business realm. To better understand how social media and e-commerce work together, our research explores the role social commerce plays in the advancement of women-owned businesses. The piece’s core objective is to provide … Read More

Sustainable Financing Models for Water Supply and Sanitation: Insights from an Evaluation

This evaluation assesses the overall management of water supply and sanitation (WSS) portfolios of financial institution (FI) partners under’s WaterCredit initiative, identifying their impact on the community, success factors and challenges for sustained lending in the sector. Background Substantial … Read More

Transition of Rural Nano Women Entrepreneurs in Digital Ecosystem

How are rural nano women entrepreneurs transitioning into the digital era? This panel discussion at the TechForGood Conclave 2024 unpacked challenges and opportunities navigated in the digital ecosystem by nano women-led enterprises in rural spaces and emerging important learnings. The … Read More

Digital Dividends: Understanding the Use of Social Commerce by Women Entrepreneurs in Rural India

How can leveraging social commerce help rural women entrepreneurs forge better futures and strengthen market linkages? What are the challenges, and what solutions can be offered to women-led businesses in the Indian landscape? LEAD and Nasscom Foundation released a joint publication at the … Read More

Promoting Women in Leadership for Improving Economic Outcomes

How do we advance women in leadership for economic impact and usher in change at various levels? As a technical partner at the Livelihoods Summit 2023, LEAD along with its gender initiative IWWAGE and ACCESS Development Services, brought together senior experts … Read More

Short Run Effects of Skill Training for the Unemployed Youth in India

Rashmi Barua, Pratibha Joshi, Swati Singh

Nearly 30 million Indians between the ages of 20 and 29, 85 percent of the unemployed, were actively seeking employment in 2021. Alarmingly, a large population of the unemployed are educated. Youth unemployment is a significant worry for any economy … Read More

Measuring Financial Health in Low and Middle-Income Countries

Sabina Yasmin, Sampurna Basu, Nelson G Mathews

In the last decade or so, considerable progress has been in bridging gaps in access to finance worldwide. In emerging economies, the financial inclusion agenda has also gained significant momentum. Meanwhile, there is growing recognition that for inclusion to deliver … Read More

E-nabling Women Entrepreneurs: Digital Solutions for Financial Management

Ryan D’Souza, Sijo John

Recordkeeping is an essential practice adopted by enterprises to record the day-to-day financial activities of the business. It is used by entrepreneurs to track their cash flow and assess whether their business is profitable or not. The absence of recordkeeping … Read More

Minding the Gender Gap in MSME Credit 

Vatsima Tripathi, John Arun

NBFIs have introduced “subjective” discretion in the underwriting and credit analysis process for women entrepreneurs. While mainstream financial institutions do not back this strongly, the non-traditional institutions have taken a leap forward for inclusion of women borrowers. Women-run MSMEs constitute … Read More