The Impact of Access to Finance in Rural Tamil Nadu: Evidence From a Randomized Control Trial

Using an experimental approach, this study evaluates the impact of a formal financial service delivery model – Kshetriya Grameen Financial Services (KGFS) – on rural households in Tamil Nadu. … Read More

The Evolving Financial Ecosystem for Micro-Merchants in India

This study aims to gain deeper insights into the financial needs of micro-merchants and identify skill and capacity gaps that need to be addressed in order to ease their adoption of digital payments. … Read More

Optimizing Network Referrals to Identify and Recruit Credit Worthy Entrepreneurs

Microfinance lenders make limited credit offers due to operational challenges in extensive referral and screening processes. This study aims to explore and optimize a referral protocol to identify good entrepreneurs and increase their access to credit. … Read More

Hospital Participation in India’s National Health Insurance Scheme (RSBY)

Evaluation study on the response of hospitals to National Health Insurance Scheme (RSBY) in order to observe how RSBY impacts hospital decisions geared towards capacity expansion, adoption of new technology, specialized services and pricing for the non-insured. … Read More

Financing Practices in SHG

This study aims to better inform relevant policies for SHGs by observing intra group dynamics across financial and social interactions in SHGs and gain clarity on group behaviour, performance, preferences and aspirations of group members. … Read More

Evaluating the Efficacy of an App-Based Livestock Insurance Scheme in Rural India

This study evaluates the impact of making livestock insurance products digitally accessible and delivered through mobiles phones on uptake of insurance by farmers … Read More

Marketing Complex Financial Products in Emerging Markets: Evidence from Rainfall Insurance in India

The study evaluates the impact of financial literacy training on take-up of index-based rainfall insurance products. … Read More