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The Landscape of Crop and Livestock Insurance in India

This is a detailed landscape assessment of agricultural insurance in India, with a focus on crop and livestock insurance, providing a brief overview of the current landscape of products available, details on take-up and usage of crop and livestock insurance and the barriers faced on the supply and demand sides. … Read More

Impact of Improved Father Involvement in Early Childhood Care Among Rural Indian Parents: Insights from Randomised Evaluation

This study examines the impact of awareness and behaviour change among parents on children’s development, as well as early stimulation and learning. … Read More

Incentivising Self-Help Groups to Influence Improved Sanitation Behaviors: Evidence from Rural Tamil Nadu

This study aims to understand and unpack the complex factors that influence latrine use in among rural households in India. … Read More

The Cream of the Crop: Targeting High Ability Entrepreneurs Using Microcredit Group Information

The study proposes an alternative means to measure entrepreneurial ability by leveraging existing networks of micro-credit clients to identify and target high ability entrepreneurs who can transition their enterprises to SMEs. … Read More

Assessing Value Chain Digitization

This exploratory research study aims to map and analyse the various value chains that low-income consumers and merchants transact in, to identify strategies for promoting digitisation. … Read More

Measurement of Latrine Use in Rural India

This study presents evidence from a measurement study on reported latrine use rates using alternative framing of questions to better identify indicators that accurately measure latrine use and support large-scale sanitation programmes. … Read More

Setting Up a Registered Chit Fund for Underserved Small Businesses and Low-Income Households: Rural and Urban Areas

This study examines the Chit Fund model in India and tests the viability of running a rural chit scheme by setting up and comparing the costs of running rural and urban chit schemes. … Read More

Understanding the Effects of De-Legalisation on Bank Account Holders

This study provides insights into the impacts of demonetization among low-income bank account holders and their change in behaviour, attitudes, and perceptions towards digital payments. … Read More

The Evolving Financial Ecosystem for Micro-Merchants in India

This study aims to gain deeper insights into the financial needs of micro-merchants and identify skill and capacity gaps that need to be addressed in order to ease their adoption of digital payments. … Read More

Evaluating the Efficacy of an App-Based Livestock Insurance Scheme in Rural India

This study evaluates the impact of making livestock insurance products digitally accessible and delivered through mobiles phones on uptake of insurance by farmers … Read More