Understanding Financial Decision-Making through a Migration Lens

Host: Dvara Research

The Household Finance Research Initiative (HFRI) at Dvara Research aims to understand how low-income households use financial and non-financial instruments to attain their objectives. To further this initiative HFRI will be conducting a conference in mid-2021 in collaboration with Northern Arc Capital, Robert Bosch Centre for Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (RBCDSAI) at IIT-Madras and Omidyar Network.

As a lead up to the conference, HFRI organised a mid-term research round table for the research teams that have been selected for the upcoming Household Finance Research Conference. Each research team has been funded to undertake a year-long research project on various themes of Household Finance. The round table provided a platform for the researchers to present their ongoing projects and receive valuable feedback from industry experts.

Fabrizio Valenti, Vinith Kurian and Jithin Jose from LEAD team presented findings from their ongoing research on understanding financial decision-making through a migration lens.

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