Short-Sighted on Regulation?

By LEAD Research Team

A look at most news channels and even the financial news channels may not be a pleasant experience these days. The word ‘crisis’ has become a very commonly used word. Much of it has been reported, the question remains as to how many has understood the problems and challenges as far as financial services for the poor are concerned. What set out to alleviate the poor and their general welfare now needs a great deal of regulation and scrutiny.
Three areas that gained a lot of emphasis as a result of the crises are: consumer protection, micro-prudential regulation and systemic risk. Recently, Susan Thomas and Renuka Sane of the IGIDR (Indira Gandhi Institute of Development Research) penned a paper titled, ‘What should regulation do in the field of micro-finance?’ The paper makes an astute analysis of the role of policy in the crises that has affected the realm of micro-finance. Here is the link:-
Definitely, a great read for beginners as well as experts alike.