Savings Activation

This study examines how access to a savings card can influence the saving behaviour of customers, and improve their financial health and resilience.


Ujjivan Small Finance Bank has a large women customer base that uses its services to obtain small ticket loans. However, very few customers use their accounts to deposit savings and thereby are not using Ujjivan as a one-stop bank for a broader set of financial services. Women’s World Banking is working with Ujjivan Small Finance Bank to develop a solution to activate savings account use by their customer base. They have developed a savings card to remind Ujjivan customers to save with the bank. Ujjivan staff  distribute savings cards at the time of loan disbursement, which predominantly happens at Ujjivan branches, explain the savings card to the customers, and ask them to identify a reason for keeping savings in their bank account. The treatment group consists of customers who receive both a loan card as well as the newly developed savings card at the time of loan disbursement. The control group consists of customers who only receive the usual loan card at the time of loan disbursement.


A baseline survey will be conducted using phone interviews, due to logisitcal challenges of in-person surveys during ongoing COVID-19 situation. Three to six months after the quantitative baseline, in-depth interviews will be conducted with Ujjivan staff and customers. 12 months after the baseline, in-person end line data collection will be undertaken including both quantitative and qualitative components. Two states, West Bengal (East) and Tamil Nadu (South) have been selected for this research study. These are states where Ujjivan has a large presence. The total sample size for the quantitative survey is 20000, consisting of female clients with active loans. The sample will draw 8 branches from Tamil Nadu and 8 branches West Bengal. Metropolitan, urban, semi-urban, and rural respondents will be sampled. Sample for the qualitative research is anticipated to be 30 loan customers and 10 Ujjivan staff. Interviews will be conducted in four branches: 2 branches (1 urban, 1 rural) in each of the two states. Loan customers in the treatment and control groups will be interviewed.

Thematic Area

Financial Well-being and Social Protection

Project Leads

Mashrur Khan, Sonja Kelly


Tamil Nadu, West Bengal


Women's World Banking, Ujjivan Small Finance Bank