Map of Microfinance Distribution in India

If you are interested in understanding financial inclusion in India, have you ever wondered about the penetration of financial services in India at state-wide or district-wide level? Have you ever wished to explore this penetration across various demographic and socio-economic strata? If so, Centre for Micro Finance is happy to announce that your wish has come true.

We have developed an interactive map of microfinance distribution by gathering data regarding the spread of financial services for the poor in India. We have collected general institutional information, district-wise outreach and portfolio details, product offering details, and business correspondence details from 103 MFIs across India. State level data regarding SHG-linkage program was also collected from publicly available sources such as the Micro Credit Innovation Department (MCID) and NABARD. Finally, we have included demographic and socioeconomic data of the states, union territories and districts to enhance the microfinance penetration analysis.
It is a very simple and user friendly map. You can find the manual here.  Enjoy exploring the data.
We would also like to announce that we are currently gathering data from MFIs and in the near future, we hope to update our map with new dataset.