Implementation of a women-based community driven development (CDD) programme in Tamil Nadu: The Pudhu Vaazhvu Project (PVP)

Principal Investigators: Dr.Ajay Kumar Tannirkulam, Deepti Kc
Research Team: Kalrav Acharya
Focus Area: Livelihoods
Project Geography: Tamil Nadu
Partner: Tamil Nadu Pudhu Vaazhvu Society under the Government of Tamil Nadu
Status: Completed


Currently, many government are implemented via government extension arms. At the same time, the new and stream-lined model of directly involving the community (or potential beneficiaries) as implementers is also getting popular. This new model, known as the Community Driven Development (CDD) approach, operates on the principle where community members themselves take control of the development process, resources, and decision-making channels. This case study examines Government of Tamil Nadu’s Pudhu Vaazhvu Project (PVP), a CDD initiative implemented across four villages of Tiruvannamalai district in Tamil Nadu, India, to understand if the guiding principles of the model are being followed by the community.

Our study indicates that the Government of Tamil Nadu’s par-excellence PVP programme is a well-designed initiative primarily involving women in the development process. We also found that the Participatory Identification of the Poor ( PIP) list successfully included households belonging to very poor families, a majority of whom were landless labourers with no assets. While it is encouraging to find that poor families are being included in the PIP list, findings also indicated that inclusion in the list does not necessarily guarantee benefits for these households. Only half of the PIP households had received benefits from the project, majority of whom had some kind of connection with the Village Poverty Reduction Committee (VPRC) members, raising a serious concern regarding the exclusion of women from disadvantaged households, , particularly those who face domestic violence and restrictions in mobility.

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