Impact of SLR on coastal infrastructure, ecosystems and land

Research Team: Sujatha Byravan
LEAD Centre: Centre for Development Finance (CDF)
Focus Area: Environment and Climate Change
Project Geography: Tamil Nadu
Status: Completed


Using GIS technology and information available from the government and some private entities, this project estimated the replacement cost of infrastructure, present value of ecosystems and market value of land in Tamil Nadu that will be at risk from a 1-metre rise in sea levels. This project will now expand to other regions in the Indian peninsula.

This project estimates the value at risk as a result of the impact of sea level rise on coastal infrastructure, ecosystems and land. Lakhs of crores of rupees are put at risk because of poor coastal planning and development. Since we can anticipate sea level rise, we can prepare for it in advance by incorporating sea level rise into coastal development planning. The first state where this study was completed is Tamil Nadu.

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