From Outlays To Outcomes: Getting Development From Development Expenditure


On August 25th 2009, Accountability Initiative, Centre for Policy Research and Centre for Development Finance, Institute for Financial Management and Research organized a conference entitled: “From Outlays to Outcomes: Getting Development from Development Expenditures”. The conference aimed to create a meaningful dialogue on the processes and mechanisms for strengthening transparency and accountability in the implementation of social sector programs in India by drawing together eminent policy‐makers, practitioners, civil society activists and academics, in a day‐long meeting. The conference provided a forum for key stakeholders – policy‐makers, practitioners, civil society and academics – to exchange ideas, draw lessons from experience, and identify solutions to what is perhaps the greatest challenge faced by the government: ensuring accountability in the money spent. This report offers a brief summary of the day’s proceedings, highlighting the key points that were debated and discussed.



Thematic Area

Institutions and Society