Consultation on Economic Empowerment of Women Through Producer Collectives

Partner: Tamil Nadu State Rural Livelihoods Mission, Ministry of Rural Development Formation of producer collectives is an important pillar for promoting women’s economic empowerment, through farm, off farm and non-farm business activities. Sharon Buteau, Executive Director, LEAD at Krea University, shared … Read More

Advancing Women’s Entrepreneurship through Sustainable Models

Partners: ACCESS Development Services and DAY-NULM How can we advance women’s entrepreneurship through sustainable models? Sharon Buteau, Executive Director, LEAD at Krea University, shared her insights in a panel co-hosted by ACCESS Development Services and DAY-NULM. Focusing on the market challenges faced by women-led … Read More

Gender 360° — Documentary Films. Depictions. Dialogues.

Partners: Southasia Trust, Film Southasia, Hri Institute for Southasian Research and Exchange  Southasia is characterised by tremendous socio-cultural diversity within countries and the region. Even so, people of the region share social, cultural, linguistic and religious practices that cut across national … Read More

Beyond the Numbers – Decoding the Gender Gap in Financing MSMEs in India

Partners: Villgro, ANDE India, USAID, Caspian Debt Women-run micro, small and medium enterprises (WMSMEs) account for approximately only 20 percent of all MSMEs in India. WMSMEs are constrained by various challenges, principally access to finance at different stages of the … Read More

Vulnerability to Resilience: Fostering a Just Transition for MSMEs in India

Partner: World Resources Institute (WRI) India Micro, Small, and Medium Enterprises play a vital role in India’s economy, contributing significantly to employment generation and overall economic growth. However, they often face unique challenges such as limited access to technology, financial … Read More

IAFFE 2023: Technology-driven Approaches to Women’s Economic Empowerment – Successes and Challenges

LEAD at Krea University and IWWAGE participated in the International Association of Feminist Economics’s 31st Annual Conference in Cape Town, South Africa. Sona Mitra from IWWAGE anchored a session on the different forms in which digital technology is enabling women’s economic empowerment in … Read More

Making ‘Hybrid’ Work for Women: Emerging Insights and Opportunities for Moving the Needle

Partners: Zoom Inc, IWWAGE The COVID pandemic has re-defined the nature of work, and brought different working models such as remote and hybrid working arrangements into the spotlight across the globe. In India, where advancing women’s labour force participation in … Read More

SARDI India MSME Tech Policy Fellowship: Emerging Insights and the Way Forward

Partners: USAID, DAI There are over 63 million MSMEs in India, 99% of which are microenterprises. Over 80% of those microenterprises do not employ any workers and nearly 70% of enterprises are not registered with any statutory office, thus being … Read More

Building an Ecosystem for Gender-Responsive and Climate-Resilient MSMEs In India

Partners: World Resources Institute (WRI) India After agriculture, micro, small and medium enterprises (MSMEs) are the principal sector engaging the female labour force in India. About 20.37% of the total MSME enterprises in India are currently owned and operated by … Read More

In Pursuit of Scale: A Workshop to Identify Key Performance Indicators for Artisan Clusters in India

Partners: National Rural Livelihoods Mission (NRLM) To support the NRLM in framing key performance indicators for artisan clusters through a baseline assessment in Budaun (Uttar Pradesh) and Dhamteri (Chhattisgarh) clusters, STREE organised a workshop for cross-learning from diverse experiences in … Read More