Bridging the Gap between Women Entrepreneurs and Formal Finance

Partner: GAME India

As part of the Global Alliance for Mass Entrepreneurship’s (GAME) MSME Finance Week 2020, LEAD co-hosted a panel discussion. Moderated by Executive Director Sharon Buteau, the panel featured entrepreneurs and industry experts: Ajaita Shah(CEO & Founder, Frontier Markets), Hardika Shah(CEO & Founder, Kinara Capital), Paromita Sen(Research Manager, SEWA Bharat) and Usha Amin(CFO & Partner, Saha Fund).

The panel deliberated on strategies to strengthen access to formal finance for India’s women entrepreneurs. The panel analysed the struggles and difficulties that women entrepreneurs face in India in comparison to their male counterparts in securing credit for running their businesses. The discussions also explored societal biases, lack of specialised services for women and shifting the norms in an ecosystem that does not see women entrepreneurs as credit-worthy.

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