Workshop on Designing and Evaluating for Complexity: Innovative Approaches

Partners: Asia Pacific Evaluation Association and Evaluation Community of India

LEAD at Krea University is curating and anchoring a workshop on designing and evaluating complex interventions at the 3rd APEA Conference & EvalFest 2022, as a part of its larger collaboration with Asia Pacific Evaluation Association (APEA) and Evaluation Community of India (ECI). The panel will feature senior researchers and sector experts from LEAD including:

  • Sujatha Srinivasan, Senior Research Fellow, LEAD at Krea University
  • Sona Mitra, Principal Economist, IWWAGE
  • Mridulya Narasimhan, Project Head – STREE, LEAD at Krea University
  • Morchan Karthik, Data Scientist, LEAD at Krea University

The 3rd APEA Conference & EvalFest 2022 is a national learning platform convened to craft evaluation ecosystems that will foster an awareness of the importance of evidence-based decision-making at all levels, induce a high demand for quality evaluations, and ensure steady supply of evaluation professionals involved in policy planning and implementation. The workshop is expected to underscore the need to rethink traditional and conventional evaluation approaches and will introduce design techniques that will nudge evaluators to adopt fresh or adapt existing methods while providing solutions for complex development problems.

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