WomenLift Health Stakeholder Analysis: India

This project will understand and document the landscape, key opportunities, experiences and barriers for female health leadership in India.


Women in health leadership and decision-making positions are key to ensuring that diverse perspectives and ideas influence policies and goals, resulting in a better and more equitable foundation for the health systems that serve us all. The benefits of female leadership are especially evident in healthcare, where studies have shown that the presence of female health leadership is positively correlated with increased healthcare use and improved health outcomes. However, there is a pervasive gender gap in leadership  in the healthcare sector. Despite comprising 70% of the health workforce, women fill only 25% of senior and 5% of top health organisation positions (WHO report, 2019). In the Indian context, this divide is even more stark. Nearly 30% of India’s female workforce comprises hospital staff including nurses and midwives, in addition to female frontline health workers or ASHA workers – roles frequently undervalued as ‘women’s work’. However, only 16% are biomedical doctors. It is in this context that LEAD at Krea University is working on a holistic health stakeholder analysis in partnership with WomenLift. 


The study will focus on the following priority areas:

  • Understand the current landscape of women leaders in India’s health sector;
  • Map and establish relationships with key stakeholders;
  • Document the barriers and opportunities for women in health leadership roles;
  • Identify the successful diversity, equity and inclusion measures undertaken by organisations;
  • Design a blueprint for an integrated stakeholder plan such that WomenLift and identifies stakeholders can synergise their efforts.


Data will be gathered using a combination of desk review, landscape analysis and qualitative inquiry, after a comprehensive stakeholder mapping exercise. 


The project will help inform current efforts and challenges for women leaders to rise up the leadership level roles in the public health sector in India.  

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Thematic Area

Health Systems and Quality of Life

Project Leads

Sharon Buteau, Aishwarya Joshi


WomenLift Health