January 12, 2023


Understanding Inclusion and Inequality: Cases from Indian Cities – Urban ARC (Cities in Flux)

Partner: Indian Institute of Human Settlements (IIHS)

The broad spectrum of the nature of flux in and across our cities has been well emphasised. Flux and the organic pathways that it creates in the development and evolution of cities have been the impetus for knowledge production in Urban. They are influenced by changes in societal settings and inequality, economic processes and structure, social and technical innovation, climate change, political will and/or inaction, and many other factors. Knowledge production, through research, practice or tied to indigenous and local traditions, has responded to these changes by creating an expanding body of knowledge that attempts to engage and make sense of these complex and systemic changes. 

Sharon Buteau, Executive Director, LEAD at Krea University and Kinjal Sampat, Indian Institute of Human Settlements (IIHS) shared thoughts in a panel discussion on “Employer-employee relationship and informality: An employer perspective in times of distress” at the seventh edition of Urban ARC, the Annual Research Conference of the Indian Institute for Human Settlements (IIHS) featuring senior experts from research, academia, policy and practice.