Monitoring of Cluster-based Producer Enterprises

This project will devise key indicators and a periodic monitoring plan to track the performance of the cluster program.


The NRETP guidelines identify two types of clusters: artisanal and sectoral. The former are largely existing clusters that require revival through improved backwards and forward linkages. In order to benchmark progress, it is essential to understand the goalpost through key performance indicators and a periodic monitoring plan to collect and assess progress.

The current monitoring & evaluation (M&E) framework and MIS for NRETP developed by the non-farm team in collaboration with NIC are designed to track the performance of individual enterprises only. One of the critical components under NRETP is the Cluster Development Program which will intensify cluster businesses with support from Technical Support Agencies (TSA). The cluster program is expected to cover around 10,000 enterprises (an average of 500 enterprises per cluster) and this number is expected to increase further when the program is expanded to all states under NRLM. Currently, the M&E system to track the performance of the cluster program is in the ideation & design phase.


The pilot will focus on the following priority areas:

  • Developing a robust cluster monitoring plan and comprehensive KPIs for tracking cluster progress, in line with NRLM objectives.
  • Training TSAs in collecting the monitoring data and supporting the non-farm team in insights generation for program review.


Will help identify policy priorities to promote cluster continuity (employment generation, revenue generation, gross product output) and enable the creation of program benchmarks through the measurement of cluster performance.

Project Leads

Sijo John, Sharon Buteau


Uttar Pradesh (Budaun), Chhattisgarh (Dhamtari)


Uttar Pradesh State Rural Livelihoods Mission, Chhattisgarh State Rural Livelihoods Mission