Measuring What Matters: An Indian Index for Women Entrepreneurship

Partners: Global Alliance For Mass Entrepreneurship (G.A.M.E), India

Morchan Karthick, Data Scientist from LEAD was a panelist in a webinar on creating an index for women entrepreneurship suited to the local context, organised by Global Alliance For Mass Entrepreneurship (G.A.M.E India).

Speakers included senior policymakers, researchers and industry experts spoke on systematically measuring and tracking women entrepreneurship in India:

  • Moderator: Suresh Gundappa, CEO, G.A.M.E India  
  • Yamini Atmavilas, Senior Program Officer, Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation
  • Medha Girota, Director, Communications at Mastercard Asia Pacific
  • Aparajita Bharati, Co-Founder, The Quantum Hub 
  • Megha Chawla, Partner, Bain & Co.

The panel discussion revolved around designing a scorecard for women entrepreneurs in India and the frameworks needed for policymakers to shape their responses, considering societal & cultural factors at play.