Gender x Digital (GxD) Hub

This initiative aims to work at the forefront of gender and digital.


The Gender X Digital Hub (GxD Hub) at  IFMR  is a cross-disciplinary platform dedicated to advancing meaningful digital connectivity among women and girls in India. 

The GxD Hub will serve as a catalyst to accelerate knowledge sharing and co-creation of gender-intentional digital innovations and strategies, by leveraging the collective thinking of the ecosystem, from philanthropic organizations, policymakers, and industry leaders to researchers and community-based organisations.


For advancing meaningful connectivity for women, it’s crucial to adopt a gender-intentional approach. This entails representing research to understand the specific impacts of connectivity on women  development, establishing data collection mechanisms to monitor trends and gender gaps, advocating for policies that prioritize affordability and accessibility for women, implementing tailored digital literacy programs that address the unique needs of women, facilitating partnerships for the creation of relevant content that reflects diverse perspectives and experiences, developing protocols for online safety and security that are sensitive to gender-based risks, and conducting gender-sensitive research to identify and challenge socio-cultural norms that inhibit women’s connectivity. 


● Promote Gender Inclusive Access and Effective Usage of Digital Technology

● Develop Gender Inclusive Digital Product Design

● Foster Gender Inclusive Leadership

● Enable and Create Awareness of Gender Inclusive Digital Policies

● Ensure Gender Sensitive Safety

● Advocate Gender Inclusive Digital Guidelines

Project Leads

Sharon Buteau, Subhra Sen, Yashita Jhurani


Pan-India with centre in Delhi


3ie (International Initiative for Impact Evaluation), Aapti Institute, Indian Institute for Human Settlements -IIHS, IWWAGE, Jagriti, Karya, GDi, Quicksand, University of Cape Town