January 18, 2023


9:30 AM – 11:00 AM


Financial Health & Wellness: Designing Products for New Economy Workforce – Inclusive Finance India Summit

Partners: ACCESS Development Services

The gig economy is set to be the future of work. According to a report, India is likely to have 350 million gig jobs by 2025, presenting a huge opportunity for job seekers to capitalise and adapt to the changing work dynamics. While the rapid growth in the gig economy has increased the opportunity of earning for a large segment, it also raised questions on the financial stability and vulnerability of the workers.

Sharon Buteau, Executive Director, LEAD at Krea University, shared her thoughts in a panel focused on the gaps and special needs in the gig economy and how it has shaped product innovation strategies for the stakeholders in enabling access to financial services for improving their financial resilience. The session reviewed existing financial products and identified recommendations for the road ahead using digital public infrastructure, product innovation, partnerships, enabling behavioural shifts, and navigating regulations in the sector. The panel featured leading policymakers and researchers including:

  • Parul Seth Khanna, CEO, Pinbox
  • Badal Malick, Founder & Chief Business Officer, KarmaLife
  • Rahil Rangwala, Manging Partner, Accion Venture Lab