Clean Cookstoves: Impact and Determinants of Adoption and Market Success

LEAD at Krea University

August 2021

Three billion people across the world rely on solid fuels for their daily cooking needs. The negative effects of traditional cooking methods on health, environmental, and socio-economic conditions, especially of women, have been well-documented, and clean cookstoves provide a promising solution to these issues.

This report commissioned by FMO and conducted by LEAD at Krea University, furnishes a comprehensive review of the evidence on the impact of cookstoves on health, environmental, and economic outcomes and presents insights on the sociodemographic and market factors that determine the success of investments in efficient cookstoves. This includes a deep dive into the clean cookstove market of six countries: India, Vietnam, Burkina Faso, Ghana, Ethiopia and Kenya.

Insights from this study are expected to help the Dutch entrepreneurial development bank FMO, government funds managed on behalf of the Dutch government (e.g., MASSIF, AEF), and impact investors guide future investments in clean cooking solutions across different countries and geographies.



Thematic Area

Financial Well-being and Social Protection