Capacity Building On the Go (Massive Open Online Course Approach)

This project will use alternate pedagogy to build capacity among business development service providers and entrepreneurs.


Business Development Service Providers (BDSPs) receive intensive training of 105 days as part of their program initiation. They, in turn, support first-generation entrepreneurs from the SHG fold in business management. Many BDSPs and entrepreneurs do not have prior business experience and rely heavily on rote learning rather than experience. Frequent facilitator-led refresher sessions are infeasible as they are cost-intensive. 


The pilot focussed on the following priority areas:

  • Identify critical knowledge gaps that require continuous handholding for BDSPs and entrepreneurs.
  • Create complementary training modules to bridge the gaps through interactive, gamified e-learning modules.
  • Develop two prototype modules of a business management MOOC for self-learning of entrepreneurs and BDSPs.
  • Test user acceptability and effectiveness (through difference-in-difference analysis).


The project aimed to introduce an alternate pedagogy, conversant in themes of adult education and using the Design-Play-Experience framework to help deepen retention and recall among BDSPs and entrepreneurs.

Related Resources

Report: Capacity Building on-the-go: Insights from a Digital Learning Initiative for Rural Women Entrepreneurs

Project Leads

Sijo John, Vimisha Gohel, Sharon Buteau


Rajasthan (Rajsamand), Chhattisgarh (Bastar)


Ministry of Rural Development, Enabling Dimensions