Barriers and Opportunities For Aspirational Women Entrepreneurs

Neelanjana Gupta, Preethi Rao

June 2022

Historically, in India, household gender norms and restrictions on women, along with lack of education and mentorship among women, have proven to be significant obstacles to nurturing women entrepreneurs, thereby inhibiting women’s advancement.

This study was undertaken by IWWAGE to serve as a needs assessment to help support the design and implementation of skill training programmes for existing and aspirational women entrepreneurs, in partnership with the Delhi Skill and Entrepreneurship University and the Government of NCT of Delhi. The sample for the survey consisted of 522 women of diverse social identities and educational backgrounds across five heterogenous Anganwadi Hubs in Delhi.

The report attempts to reiterate that targeted and structured training programmes hold great potential to support women in pursuing entrepreneurial activities. Such an outcome will have multiplier effects beyond entrepreneurship, in terms of generating additional employment, enhanced consumption and improved education levels in the household.



Thematic Area

Small, Growing Businesses and Employment