Transparent Chennai – Maps, Data, Insights

Research Team: Akshai Abraham, Muthukumaran Krishnamoorthi, Nithya V. Raman, Prabu Raja, Somya Sethuraman, Vaishnavi Narsimhan
LEAD Centre: Centre for Development Finance ( CDF)
Focus Area: Infrastructure and Governance
Project Geography: Chennai
Partner: Google
Status: Ongoing


Transparent Chennai tries to provide useful, easy-to-understand information about the city that can improve government accountability and empower residents to take action. The site empowers citizens by providing interactive information about their city that helps them to better understand city needs and government performance. The map module of the site allows users to visualize government projects and services, and view detailed information about them on a google maps platform. Users can also overlay projects and services with layers containing social, political, jurisdictional, and environmental information about the city. Users can also directly and easily link projects and services with the agencies and elected representatives responsible for them. By playing with the maps and exploring the site, residents can gain new insights about their city, and use this information to take action to make things better

Project Links
WEBSITE : Transparent Chennai