SMS Technologies for IFMR – KGFS

Research Team: Akshai Abraham, Prabu Raja
LEAD Centre: Centre for Development Finance (CDF)
Focus Area:
Project Geography:


The Development Metrics team has created a platform which enables the sending of customised SMS texts to various registered respondents as well as receive their replies and evaluate the responses. The platform has been used in two separate ways by the team for IFMR Rural Finance. In one instance, for KGFS- Sahastradhara, the platform is being used to train the wealth managers by sending out questions in a quiz format, receiving their SMS replies, evaluating their responses and sending them scores. It is also being used by KGFS Pudhuaaru to send out simple product update and greeting messages. The plan is to now use it to receive feedback from Wealth Managers as well as customers and also automate the analysis of the feedback and display results on a map.