Rethinking Financial Inclusion

Rethinking Financial Inclusion, a five-and a-half day executive program at Harvard Kennedy School, will explore frontier issues in finance for the underserved and address challenges faced by both emerging and developed countries. Led by Harvard professors with years of experience evaluating and designing financial innovations, this program combines an evidence-based approach with theoretical insights to help leaders like you understand the market for finance and client needs, as well as design financial products to meet those needs. The program is developed by Evidence for Policy Design (EPoD) program at Harvard Kennedy School’sresearch faculty for leaders in the financial inclusion space—including financial service providers, policymakers, regulators, investors and donors.

The curriculum provides participants a unique opportunity to learn about the latest theoretical insights and research evidence on key topics in financial access through lectures and case study discussions led by Harvard faculty. Additionally, collaborative group work sessions allow participants to apply the framework to real-world problems faced by their organizations. The curriculum is described in more detail in the attached program brochure.