Resource Optimization Option for Cargill India, Ltd

Research Team: Ashish Kumar Chicksena
LEAD Centre: Centre for Development Finance (CDF)
Focus Area: Environment and Climate Change
Project Geography:
Status: Completed


ESF worked in partnership with Resource optimization Initiative, an NGO based in Bangalore, to examine and present recommendations to optimize the flow and consumption of materials and energy associated with the activities of the Refined Oils India division of Cargill (India) Ltd. The primary scope of this project was on the Film Manufacturing unit in Pune, but it also included an examination of the division’s logistics activities. The report has been completed and presented to Cargill Ltd.

This project was expected to reveal opportunities for improving the environmental performance of the Film manufacturing unit. This project will examined and recommended opportunities for (i) reducing resource consumption, (ii) improving process efficiencies, and (iii) promoting local linkages for sourcing, reuse and recycling of materials associated with the manufacturing of plastic films for packaging refined oils.