Research Assistant

For: Trust Game Behavioural Experiment
Duration: (Short-term contract – 2 months)
Reporting to: Research Manager
Requirement: Immediate

Job Summary

IFMR LEAD is looking to fill a short-term Research Assistant role for a behavioural experiment to be conducted jointly by Principal Investigators from the University of Vienna, and IFMR LEAD. The experiment seeks to test the theory of social capital and trust between various groups, by administering a questionnaire to a mix of participants from the city of Chennai. The role would primarily require the anchoring of execution of the described experiment in Chennai, in collaboration with the reporting manager at IFMR LEAD & the Principal Investigators. Master’s students who have just graduated and have in-depth knowledge of behavioural experiments, or those in transition from one role to the other with some experience in behavioural experiments are encouraged to apply. This role, although short-term, will be a great value addition for those wanting to establishing careers in project design, management and execution, since IFMR LEAD is a leader collaborating with international universities of repute & facilitating field studies/experiments in the development sector. A more detailed description of the responsibilities involved and eligibility criteria are provided below.

Responsibilities & Duties

•      Being the key point of contact for principal investigators & reporting manager at IFMR LEAD with regard to execution of the experiment;
•      Recruitment of survey participants (which could involve considerable local travel within the city of Chennai) in line with study requirements;
•      Leading the execution of the actual experiment in the temporary laboratory to be set up for the experiment, which would include training surveyors and other field staff, anchoring day-to-day activities at the lab, ensuring smooth execution of the study, facilitating data collection and transfer, and some amount of data cleaning & analysis (as required by the Principal Investigators);
•      Making all logistic arrangements required for the study, including drawing up a list of participants, making follow-up calls, finalising the lab setup for the study, monitoring day-to-day operations and needs, and other responsibilities that the study might warrant;
•      Providing daily updates to Research Manager, local & international Principal Investigators with regard to the progress of the study to ensure smooth implementation with minimal hiccups;
•      Interacting with participants, if required, to explain the study and clarify doubts (to support surveyors);
•      Holding chief responsibility for quality of work of surveyors and field staff in line with study requirements;
•      Being up-to-date and in synchronisation with quality protocols and data collection, in order to proactively suggest minor modifications to execution which will contribute tangibly to study results.

Eligibility Criteria:

•      Master’s degree in Economics, Behavioural Economics, Econometrics, or a related discipline;
•      Expertise with one or more statistical software packages (Stata/SPSS/R);
•      Familiarity with behavioural economics experiments (in-depth knowledge through studies/internships), or practical experience (6 months-2 years) in execution of behavioural experiments (the latter is preferred);
•      Knowledge of English, Tamil, and a working knowledge of Hindi is a must;
•      The candidate must have an enterprising personality, and an ability to convince people of his/her cause;
•      Must be willing to produce outputs at short notice and be ready to work extended hours if required to aid smooth completion of the study;
•      Must be a proactive and creative person who is able to suggest ideas for facilitation of everyday operations of the study;
•      The candidate must also be willing to accept a short-term contract for the duration of the study.

How to apply:

Those interested in this role should send a brief (1-2 page) CV and a short write-up (of around 500 words) on why he/she would be a good fit for this role, to . Please also compulsorily mark a copy to