Research Assistant – Labour DSLPN

Employer: LEAD at Krea 

Location: Chennai 

Assignment type: Full-time

Salary: Commensurate with qualifications and experience

About LEAD at Krea University

LEAD, an action-oriented research centre of IFMR Society (a not-for-profit society registered under the Societies Act), leverages the power of research, innovation and co-creation to solve complex and pressing challenges in development. LEAD has strategic oversight and brand support from Krea University (sponsored by IFMR Society) to enable synergies between academia and the research centre. LEAD is a collaborative hub that brings experts from diverse disciplines and sectors together to develop innovative solutions by harnessing innovation, technology and analytics.

Krea University is an emerging liberal arts institution offering multidisciplinary undergraduate programs which equip students to find their niche in the fluid, interconnected world of development. ‘Krea’ means an action-oriented approach in Sanskrit. The world-class University is home to the School of Interwoven Arts and Sciences (SIAS), IFMR Graduate School of Business and LEAD.

About the Role

The role of the Research Assistant is pivotal to the implementation of impact assessment projects that are part of LEAD’s CSR initiative. The RA will be working on projects at the Behavioural Development Lab at LEAD. The primary goal of a Research Assistant is to ensure specific projects are implemented efficiently, successfully and within the agreed terms of the project. This requires constant oversight of the project to ensure activities are being performed, collecting both qualitative and quantitative data to analyze performance and reporting on progress. The Research Assistant will work to ensure project deliverables are delivered in accordance with quality, timeline, resource and budget requirements. 

Key Responsibilities


  • To undertake supervised research which might include preparing, setting up, conducting and recording outcomes of projects, experiments etc.
  • To support other research staff in the furtherance of their research and of specific projects.
  • To assist with the preparation of reports and the presentation of information to the research team. – particularly progress reports.
  • To write up work and results of personal research.
  • To analyze and interpret results of own research, making use of standard research methods and techniques.
  • To contribute to the planning process of the research team.


  • Effectively communicate to different stakeholders – written and verbal – i.e. Survey Teams, Manager, external stakeholders.
  • Keep the team informed on all relevant changes/developments in the project i.e. they could work together with the reporting manager to send updates to partners which helps projects maintain relations with stakeholders, regular follow-up/engagement on information sharing etc.

Resource Management

  • Planning for recruitment, training and supervision of survey teams (field and data operators).
  • Ensuring quality of data during data collection.
  • Ensuring the potential/time of field staff are fully utilized, keep track of day-to-day expenses, check status of available machinery/ assets etc.
  • Ensuring admin and HR policies are adhered to.
  • Ensuring that own advances and expenses are managed in a timely and orderly manner.

 Partner Management

  • Develop and maintain a good working relationship with partner organizations – field level and management level.
  • Keep an open channel for communication with partner organizations.

 Data Management

  • Ensuring encryption and safe storage of data; confidentiality measures are in place and working.
  • Work with raw datasets.
  • Undertake data cleaning and preparing data for analysis.
  • Undertaking preliminary data analysis.

 Capacity Building Activities

  • Contribute to blogs and events related to projects they are working on.
  • Providing back end, coordination and hosting support for inception/dissemination workshops.
  • Provide up to date summaries of project they are working on for website and other promotional activity (conference, e-newsletter, etc);


  • To undertake continuous personal and professional development which contributes to knowledge and skills within the subject area.
  • Attend internal and external relevant training sessions for skill building. (Basic Research Design, Intro to Data Analysis, etc).

Background and Qualifications


  • Bachelors in Economics, Public Policy, Social Sciences or related fields from leading Indian or foreign universities. Masters degree preferred.
  • Familiarity with statistical analysis packages (e.g. SPSS, Stata, R).

Work Experience

  • 0-1 years (no J-PAL/IFMR experience sought, or internships in similar research/public policy organizations)
  • Ability to work within tight deadlines.

Key Competencies / Attributes

  • Fluency in English and Tamil required.
  • Strong communication and interpersonal skills
  • Flexibility and ability to deal with uncertainty. Adaptability to project needs and schedule.
  • Ability to thrive in unstructured and fast-paced environments, with limited support
  • Flexible to travel and relocate to a remote location
  • Willingness to work independently in remote locations.

Application Instructions

  • Deadline: Applications are being accepted and reviewed until the position is filled.
  • To apply, please submit a resume, cover letter, and writing sample.
  • Please direct queries and applications to with the title “Research Assistant-Labour DSLNP ” in the subject line.