Preethi Rao

Associate Director

Preethi is Associate Director at IFMR LEAD. As an Innovation Champion, she drives new initiatives and is responsible for conceptualizing new areas of interest for the organization. Prior to heading the Innovation vertical, Preethi was overseeing the entire field data collection and digitization operations of IFMR LEAD in her capacity as Senior Manager (Operations & Development). Preethi is also involved in developing and leading research studies and short term projects in open data, finance and healthcare. She is also involved in fundraising, outreach and capacity building activities for IFMR LEAD. She has been with IFMR LEAD since 2006 (she took a sabbatical from 2012 to 2014 for personal reasons). Prior to working as Senior Operations Manager, Preethi worked as a Policy and Development Fellow, and as Senior Research Associate in the MSME sector from 2006 until 2012. Her primary project in the MSME sector was on financial access through Chit Funds. She has a Masters degree in Management from IFMR Business School where her focus areas were Finance and Marketing.

In her free time, Preethi likes to write poetry, read fiction and watch movies