Online Carbon Footprint Calculator for ICICI Bank

Research Team: Koyel Mandal
LEAD Centre: Centre for Development Finance ( CDF)
Focus Area: Environment and Climate Change
Project Geography: Across India
Partner: ICICI Bank
Status: Completed


Go Green’ was started as an organization-wide voluntary initiative by ICICI Bank in 2008. This initiative goes beyond moving the Bank and their employees, their processes and their customers to cost efficient automated channels to building awareness and consciousness of our environment, our nation and our society. The Bank believes that even a small step today will go a long way in building a greener future. ICICI Bank, through their “Go Green” initiative wants to take their employee and customer engagement further and build a simple online calculator that would show how simple steps taken by them in their daily lives can result in nature savings. ESF has helped the Bank build this calculator that will reside on their website.