Executive Director, Sapien Labs Center for the Human Brain and Mind, Krea University

Sri City
Posted 7 months ago

Employer:  Krea University

Location: Sri City, Andhra Pradesh

Salary: As per industry standards

About the Center:

Krea University aims to establish, in partnership with Sapien Labs, a center for research and learning related to the human brain and mind. The overall mission of the center is to enable a cross-disciplinary ecosystem that helps understand the nature and relationship of the brain and mind, its evolution and diversity across humanity and the environmental and social determinants of our cognitive and mental health.

Among the main goals, the center envisages to (1)  Assist in the creation of an all India collaborative network to enable practical applications of insights; (2) Build a core program of data acquisition across a large cross-section of people across their lifespan; (3) Develop a substantial analytical capability for large-scale insights; (4) Develop a generation of research scholars with a broad cross-disciplinary perspective; (5) Foster research and develop new curriculum across disciplines; (5) Communicate scientific research findings on brain development widely available to diverse constituencies; (6) Promote public awareness and impact policy by discussing the implications of brain/mind research in the fields of education, health, law, parenting, and mental health, and enhance the field of developmental cognitive neuroscience.

One of the key flagship activities of the center will be the India host of “The Human Brain Diversity” initiative, a big data project of Sapien Labs that measures brain activity on a large scale across the globe using EEG, along with various other measures of life experience, mental and cognitive outcomes and other physiological and metabolic measures. The center is anticipated to have synergistic collaborations across various entities within the Krea ecosystem.

Roles and Responsibilities:

The Executive Director will guide and build the capacity of the research program at the Sapien Labs Center for Human Brain and Mind at Krea University. This will include:

  • Identifying and pursuing funding opportunities for the center including large international funding bodies as well as philanthropy and CSR opportunities in India.
  • Evangelizing the center and its research to develop collaborations across the country and internationally.
  • Building relationships and partnerships outside of academia that have a stake in developing human capability and potential – e.g. government, education and social entrepreneurship spaces and facilitating cross-talk with the research scientists.
  • Manage external communication and publicity/public outreach related to the center.
  • Working with LEAD to manage the field data acquisition program to ensure both pace and quality of data acquisition including recruitment of field assessors and all systems and processes associated with data acquisition.

Key Competencies:

  • A strong interest in the human brain and mind and a M.S/Ph.D. in a related discipline (e.g. public health, sociology) or well-read in the field out of personal interest.
  • Highly organized and efficient with the ability to multitask
  • Excellent communicator 
  • Ability to build and cultivate networks
  • Strong experience in program and project management – could come from industry – maybe something like hospital management/ pharma etc.
  • Understanding of field data processes in some context (e.g. could have managed a field sales force, call center etc.)

Application Instructions:

Please send your cover letter and resume to careers@krea.edu.in with the subject line “Sapien Labs – Executive Director”. The position will be advertised until the position is filled.