One in every three women globally has experienced some form of gender-based violence (Violence Against Women Prevalence Estimates, 2018, WHO), and the COVID pandemic has further exacerbated the threat of violence in both physical and digital spaces.

Against this backdrop, there is a need for a comprehensive approach to better understand the changing nature of violence in the context of space, and focus on policies and solutions that enable access to safe public spaces.

This project will serve as a convening platform for stakeholders from academia, policy and industry, to collaborate on innovative solutions that improve women’s access to public spaces and mobility. It also aims to enhance our understanding of the role of spatial factors in contributing to violence.

In the Spotlight

December 2022

A two-day workshop was organised at Krea University to bring forth existing scholarship and practices on the spatial dimensions of gender-based violence. The workshop delved into the various dimensions of gender-based violence and how it shapes access and usage of public spaces - both physical and digital. Over 25 leading experts, practitioners, academics, and representatives from civil society and policy participated in the two-day workshop to explore synergies across disciplines. On Day 1, participants reflected on the underlying drivers of violence in public and digital spaces and how they mirror each other. On Day 2, participants delved into the concept of masculinity (-ies) and how binary gender and spatial constructs influence our understanding. The workshop concluded with a deliberation on the role of law and preventive approaches in addressing gender-based violence and policy implications for designing more inclusive and safe spaces for persons of all genders.

Narratives: What’s Space Got to Do With It?

In this micro-documentary series, we speak to experts from policy, practice and academia to help unpack the role and dimensions of ‘space’ as a driving factor and site for violence.