Fabrizio Valenti

Head – Financial Inclusion

An economist and development professional, Fabrizio is currently the Head of LEAD’s Financial Inclusion team, overseeing the organization’s research portfolio on this topic. Fabrizio’s international work experience is vast. Prior to joining LEAD, he has worked as a Senior Consultant for KSAR, a Canadian strategic management consulting firm; as a Policy and Information Management Analyst for Save the Children in Sierra Leone; as a Technical Advisor on Sustainable Development for UNDP in Indonesia; and as a Researcher for the University of Rome Tor Vergata, for which he has lead projects in both Italy and Bangladesh.

Fabrizio is known for his analytical and research skills and for being an adaptable and dynamic professional who is passionate about bringing tangible and lasting impact through rigorous research and evidence.

Fabrizio obtained a PhD in Economics from the University of Rome Tor Vergata in 2014 and has joined LEAD in October 2019.In his free time, Fabrizio enjoys cooking and scuba diving.