How can emerging economies tap into the benefits of big data for financial inclusion? This article draws on a panel discussion on Big Data, hosted by IFMR LEAD and BRAC at the What Works Global Summit 2016 in London recently. Authors Parul Agarwal, Shreya Chatterjee, and Tanjilut Tasnuba (team leader, BRAC) explore crucial questions related […]
Recently featured on Center for Financial Inclusion Blog, this is a collaborative blogpost by Shreya Chatterjee, Senior Research Associate and Misha Sharma, Project Manager, IFMR LEAD. Self-Help Groups and the Need for Digitization Despite efforts from all quarters, 2 billion people globally are still excluded from formal sources of financial services. Digital financial inclusion has emerged as the new wave […]
This is the second article in a series on the progress of digital financial services in Bangladesh. It draws on discussions held at a recent seminar on the subject, organized by BRAC’s Social Innovation Lab in Dhaka, in collaboration with a2i, and USAID’s mSTAR project implemented by FHI 360. IFMR LEAD was the Knowledge Partner for the event.  In the first part of this […]
Growth of the self-help group movement in India has slowed in the past five years. How can challenges be overcome to improve and revitalize these programs? In this article, Misha Sharma and Shreya Chatterjee from our research team highlight findings from the midline evaluation of the Hand-in-Hand Self-Help Group Programme in Tamil Nadu – one of the […]
In this article, Iris Braun, Research Manager at IFMR LEAD, shares preliminary findings from an ongoing study by IFMR LEAD, Evidence for Policy Design at the Harvard Kennedy School and Duke University, on access to finance in rural Tamil Nadu. This article originally appeared on the IFMR Trust blog.  Image: IFMR Trust Happy Birthday Pudhuaaru […]
This article is part of a series of Blogposts by Parul Agarwal and Suraj Nair on the progress of digital financial services in Bangladesh. It draws on discussions held at a seminar on the subject in Dhaka in April 2016. The seminar was organized by BRAC Social Innovation Lab, Access to Information (a2i) and USAID’s mSTAR project implemented by FHI 360. […]
Dear Traffic Police and transport planners,    I am a Chennai resident for the past year and a half. In this period, I have taken up several modes of transport in the city and tried various combinations of private, and public transport. Frustrated with everything, I finally bought a cycle. A cycle I use for […]
Can an ICT-based training program help improve financial outcomes for women entrepreneurs? In this article, Kanika Joshi gives us an insight into the life of Shakuntala – a woman entrepreneur and participant in our ongoing evaluation of a mobile-based business training platform in Karnataka. Kanika is a Research Associate with the MSME & Entrepreneurship Development […]