Writing Instructors at Centre for Writing and Pedagogy at Krea University

Position: Writing Instructor(s), 1 Year, Visiting, Renewable
Salary commensurate with degree and experience; housing provided in Sri City
Joining: First week of July, 2019

Writing pedagogy or the teaching of writing in distinctly identified writing courses at the university level is a new area of pedagogy developing in higher education in India. It involves understanding the processes of reading, writing, comprehension and analysis to break them down into teachable units. It requires in-depth conceptual understanding of academic disciplines and the disposition to delight in words and sentences. This is a unique opportunity for research scholars to be trained and mentored to teach writing as a way to deepen their own practice of research writing and scholarship.

Job Description

Instructors can expect to teach and offer tutoring support to undergraduates and postgraduates. It will be a part of the hired instructor’s job to attend training workshops. In addition to teaching, instructors will help to develop material for writing pedagogy and assist with programmes that the CWP will hold throughout the year.

Who can apply?

PhD research scholars from any field of the social sciences, humanities and sciences who have at least 2 chapters of their thesis written. M.Phil. students may apply if they have written a thesis or a substantial research paper. No prior teaching experience is necessary. If you don’t fit the above criteria but have substantial experience in academic writing or have experience teaching it, we will consider your application.

Application Material:

Please send 1) cover letter that speaks specifically to your experience as an academic writer and also why you are interested in teaching writing. 2) One full chapter from your thesis. If you are not a PhD student then M.Phil. or MA thesis or a substantial piece of academic writing that is at least 7000 words. 3) Two letters of recommendation that speak of your competence in your academic field, your ability to work in groups and why you are suited to teach writing.

Process: Shortlisted candidates will be interviewed by two panels, either in-person or skype.

Timeline: Last date to receive applications, including letters of recommendations is May 25th 2019.
Shortlisted candidates will be informed about the interview dates in June.

Queries and Application to: Dr Anannya Dasgupta at: anannya.dasgupta@krea.edu.in

Please say “Writing Instructor Application” in the subject of your email. Attach your documents labelled as: Title of Document _Your Name. For example: Cover Letter _ First Name Last Name