Research Associate, Financial Inclusion

Start date: March 2019
Location: Bangalore

IFMR LEAD, headquartered in Chennai, India, is a young, fast-growing organization focused on improving access to financial services for the poor through cutting-edge research, knowledge dissemination and outreach to policy makers and practitioners. IFMR LEAD’s strategy is to use rigorous, empirical research to:

•     Inform practice: Through research, IFMR LEAD provides evidence on what works and what does not.
•     Inform policy: IFMR LEAD supports policy debates with empirical data and analysis, and provides further insight to policy-makers from its field experience

Towards this goal, IFMR LEAD aims to facilitate a process where research questions emerge from the local policy context and policy and programmatic decisions are guided by research outcomes.

Job Description:

•     Hire, train, and manage survey, qualitative researchers and implementation teams in collaboration with the Field Manager.
•     Oversee daily data collection activities and ensure adherence to data quality protocols, including data quality audits and frequency checks.
•     Help with the design of the questionnaires.
•     Keep close contact and support the work of the primary investigators within the project.
•     Perform data management and data analysis of both quantitative and qualitative data and communicate results to PIs.
•     Regularly communicate updates and troubleshooting challenges with the Research Manager and PIs.
•     Liaise with Government officials at state, district and local levels as necessary. Work in close coordination with other non-governmental stakeholders.
•     Conduct focus groups and semi structured interviews with households as required in project design.

Basic Qualifications:

•     Master’s degree in Economics/Public Policy/Development Studies or any other related discipline.
•     Previous experience in development research and managing field teams or work in developing countries is preferred. Previous experience in working with Government projects is a value addition.
•     Excellent verbal and written communication skills.
•     Excellent management and organizational skills.
•     Flexible, self-motivated, detail orientated, and able to manage multiple tasks efficiently.
•     Fluency in English and Hindi.
•     Familiarity with Quantitative and qualitative software packages (e.g. SPSS, STATA, R, NVIVO, and Atlas TI).

How to Apply:

If you are interested in this position, please email with the subject line “Research Associate: FI”, your CV, academic transcript, and a statement of interest.