Request for Proposals for undertaking stakeholder engagement for identifying policy priorities on Women’s Economic Empowerment


IWWAGE aims to create a platform to promote, synthesize and generate evidence on “what works” for women’s economic empowerment. Despite making significant contributions to economies through various activities, women form a majority among economically disadvantaged group. Women remain disproportionally affected by poverty, discrimination and exploitation. Evidence suggests that investing in women’s economic empowerment has important linkages with gender, equality, poverty eradication and inclusive growth. Several efforts have been devoted to studying the issue of women economic empowerment, however, evidence remains fragmented and work done in silos.

The following call for proposal is to solicit services from individuals and/or agencies who can undertake stakeholder engagement for identifying policy priorities within the broader scope of women’s economic empowerment in India.


The key objective of the RFP is as below:

To reach out to stakeholders to seek their inputs on the key policy priorities that need to be addressed within the larger context of women’s economic empowerment.

This assignment will involve identifying key stakeholders who are engaged in various aspects of policy design, planning and implementation from within government, civil societies, donor agencies and others. These stakeholders must have played critical role as enablers, influencers and drivers of policy discourse. Apart from key informant interviews, round tables and workshops will be held with the stakeholders.


The key deliverables of the RFP will include the following:

     a) List of critical stakeholders across government departments, CSO’s, working on women’s economic empowerment.
     b) Note on policy priorities as identified by the stakeholders
     c) Workshop with the stakeholders for discussing the policy inputs.


The full assignment will be undertaken within a time frame of six weeks from the start of the contract.


The call is open to teams of individuals and firms who fulfil the following criteria:

     • Minimum 10 years of demonstrated experience in Management/ Development Consulting /Strategy Consulting/Non-profit Management and related fields
     • Proven professional experience in undertaking policy review and analysis
     • Ability to work with diverse stakeholders in international development including multilaterals, private sector, think tanks and development organisations

Interested parties are requested to submit a brief proposal not exceeding 5 pages in A4 size, that will outline their ability to deliver the scope of work (include references to relevant experience) and detail the corresponding fee schedule and cost. The last date for submission of the proposal will be no later than 5:00 PM on Friday, 15th June 2019. All submissions should be emailed to: anindya.mani@ifmr.ac.in with subject line mentioning RFP.

Soliciting through phone calls/ emails will not be entertained.

The submission should include the following:

     a) Statement of Qualifications and Project Proposal
     b) A general overview of the services offered by the organization
     c) A description of the organization’s qualifications and capacity to provide the services outlined in scope of work.
     d) A description of the approach to be adopted for the stakeholder engagement
     e) Operational plan in terms of the timelines and deliverables
     f) Team structure and CVs
     g) A preliminary budget for the assignment.

The proposal would be valid for the period of three months from the time of proposal submission.