Harish Kumar

Research Associate

Harish is a Research Associate with IFMR LEAD. He is involved in the planning, implementation and data management of impact evaluation studies in the field of Public Health and digital finance. Harish’s research interests are in the area of maternal and child health, cognitive abilities of children, and ageing issues in the global context. In the past, he worked with the Uttar Pradesh Technical Support Unit as an Analyst, where he was involved in the management of data for various projects on community behaviour, family planning, and nutrition. Harish holds a Masters in Population Studies (MPS), and an M.Phil. in Population Studies from IIPS Mumbai. His research during this time was focused on physical and mental health in adults, multi-morbidity, non-communicable diseases, cognitive abilities, and maternal and child health. Before joining IIPS, Harish was part of the International Training Centre (ITC), University of Twente, the Netherlands. He used tools and techniques of spatial analysis to gauge the impact of terrain type on accessibility to health care centres in Kigali, Rwanda. He is also a trained sufi singer, harmonium player, and is fond of experimenting with cooking Indian cuisine.