Grants Manager

POSITION: Grant Manager


•      Ensure Contracts are drafted afresh or reviewed to meet IFMR requirements. List of Activities:
     =>      Fresh Contracts reviewed/drafted/negotiated and Finalized.
     =>      Amendments for NCEs, deliverable and payment modifications, and Cost Extensions.
     =>      To coordinate with RMs on the projections for Contractual disbursement Schedule; payment terms or modifications.
     =>      Desk Research on Service tax laws, Negative list, Reverse charge mechanism, Double Taxation avoidance agreements, tax rates etc.
•      To ensure the summarized information on the various grants and projects and codes are up to date for easy retrieval and monitoring
•      To update the Project, code, donor, Performance period, and Live status onto the tracker.
•      To update the Grant Milestones/deliverables onto the tracker for easy retrieval and for tracking against deadlines and associated payments
•      To ensure the documentation on the Projects, with start and end dates. with codes, sources of funds, grants, exchange rate information and budgets are created, updated and available for finance team, and auditors.
•      Create PI forms for new projects / Update PI forms for existing projects
•      Create Salesforce Page for Project.
•      Create Grants Page for various grants on the project.
•      A user-friendly platform on Sales force to automate deliverable notice generation to teams for better tracking of deliverables and record maintenance.
•      Coordination support to create the required user friendly page for teams to feed in deliverable.
•      Coordination support to create Salesforce feature for grant deliverable records.
•      Coordination support to create Salesforce feature for grant application proposal records.
•      Create report templates – For Grants and Applications.
•      To render Administrative Support to Teams
     =>      Grant Applications – Grant Budget Review and discussions with RM/PMs on assumptions, taxes for sub award etc.
     =>      Grant Applications – Other Administrative requirements in the proposal.
     =>      Award Budget Clarification/Contract-cum-compliance Clarifications to teams.
     =>      Field Visits/Telephonic discussions with Teams on Budgets- financial reports-exchange rates/ Compliances/ Project issues, and clarification to donors/Principal investigators.
     =>      Best Practices on Sub awards, Taxes, Proposals budgets guidance to RMs/PM.
     =>      Clarifications with donors on compliance regulations based on RM/PM requirements.
     =>      Registrations on Donor Grant Management Systems.
•      Grant Management Records and Audit Documentation.
•      Project Management records.
•      Proposal and Budgets; narratives and modifications.
•      Sub grants and Subcontracts
     =>      Prior Approvals and dispute resolutions
     =>      Finance
     =>      Milestones
     =>      Completion Certificates
•      Interface with Finance.
     =>      Alerts on & prepare Financial Reports due for submission with RMs and clarifications on method of accounting exchange rate.
     =>      Alerts on and raising invoices to donors in co-ordination with RMs as per the donor contract
     =>      Project Cash Balance monitoring & follow up on receivables
     =>      Clarifications on payments against deliverables and donor confirmations/clarifications to payment transfers against codes.
     =>      Any administrative support required from Finance Statutory Forms, Tax return copies, FCRA returns, Annual turnover etc.


•      At least 5 years of experience in grant-making and grants management required, in positions of increasing responsibility with good exposure in development sector
•      Master’s degree in related field highly desired
•      Possesses extensive experience with the grant-making cycle as well as the design and implementation of database projects with direct experience with grant management systems required.
•      Demonstrated knowledge of governing grant making in a non-profit environment. Experience in international grant making preferred.
•      Advanced proficiency in Microsoft Excel, especially with pivot tables, vlookup equations and management of large data sets, is required.
•      Experience developing budgets for proposals to private foundations
•      Exceptional interpersonal skills; tact, patience, diplomacy and integrity.
•      Discretion in handling sensitive or confidential information.
•      Flexibility to work some extended hours and weekends, and to travel occasionally.
•      Ability to working in complex situations with minimum supervision
•      Excellent Organisational and time Management skills
•      Ability to meet timelines, and with good self-accountability mechanisms,
•      Ability to learn and add value on a continuous basis.
•      Maintaining quality and performance standards under stringent deadlines
•      High levels of accuracy and attention to detail
•      Able to function effectively as part of a diverse, multi-disciplinary multi-organizational team.
•      Ability to negotiate and deal with vendors and external stakeholders.
•      Excellent interpersonal and communication skills and team orientation.

Application Instructions:
•      Deadline: Applications are being accepted until the position is filled.
•      Please submit: Resume and cover letter.
•      Questions and application submission: Please contact email address: