Executive Director

Initiative for “What Works” (IWW) for Women Economic Empowerment at IFMR
Location: Delhi (will consider location in Chennai, Bangalore)
Salary: Commensurate with qualifications and experience

The Initiative: Despite making significant contributions to economies through various activities, women form a majority among economically disadvantaged group. Women remain disproportionally affected by poverty, discrimination and exploitation. Evidence suggests that investing in women’s economic empowerment has important linkages with gender, equality, poverty eradication and inclusive growth. Several efforts have been devoted to studying the issue of women economic empowerment, however, evidence remains fragmented and work done in silos. The objective of this Initiative is to create a platform to promote, synthesize and generate evidence on “what works” for women’s economic empowerment.

Position Summary: A motivated Executive Director is sought to lead the India Initiative – “What Works” for Women Economic Empowerment (IIWW) at IFMR. The role demands passion for creating impact, strong research abilities and a collaborative approach to gather, synthesize and generate evidence on women’s economic empowerment. S/he will lead and/or coordinate all impact evaluation activities of the initiative including planning, designing and organizing evaluations and synthesizing research studies. S/he will actively disseminate the research findings through publications, research communications and national and international meetings. As well, S/he is responsible for defining a learning & outreach strategy for the IIWW, identifying target stakeholders and messages to target, conceptualizing learning and advocacy programs of long-term strategic value, developing key research and dissemination collaborations for the success of the Initiative, and any other activities instrumental to enhancing IIWW reach and relevance.


•     Overall responsibility for the IIWW-WEE/strategy vision and planning;
•     Serve as the IIWW principal spokesperson by clearly articulating its broad goals and objectives, and acting as a strong enabling, but objective, voice on key aspects related to women’s economic empowerment in India;
•     Define areas of research that are instrumental to supporting the IIWW long and short term goals. Conceptualize an integrated research plan, methodologies and relevant collaborations for maximum impact;
•     Provide direction to the work stream on financial inclusion and social protection;
•     Ensure that the IIWW program of work meets policy and policy maker priorities at state/national level;
•     Provide strong and supportive leadership to the IIWW and its collaborators, as well as foster a culture of excellence, collaboration, trust, integrity and innovation;
•     Identify opportunities to collaborate with international donor agencies or other potential funding sources;
•     Manage the IIWW financial performance, productivity, efficiency, and internal controls; ensure that resources (people and capital) are allocated to their highest and best use;
•     Hire, manage and retain exceptional staff; motivate the team to deliver high quality results and exceed expectations;
•     Fundraising – internal team assist overall, apply for research grants;
•     Lead in a team in advanced analyses of available primary and secondary data sets to generate evidence for program and policy direction to implement women’s economic empowerment programs at scale through public and private sector engagements;
•     Communicate research through high-impact publications (refereed journals/books/ proceedings) and presentation of research papers at national and international professional meetings. Be recognized as a leading contributor in the field of women empowerment;


•     Deep expertise in gender, labor economics, social protection, sector finance, development, employment ;
•     Post-graduate degree in a relevant discipline, preferable PhD (e.g. economics, sociology, gender studies, development studies etc.);
•     At least 15- 20 years of relevant work experience involving varied responsibilities in formulating, developing, implementing, managing and delivering evidence based research projects of various levels of complexities; Strong research and evaluation skills to lead impact evaluations and research studies;
•     Demonstrated experience of leading/designing research and evaluations on the relevant work streams;
•     Demonstrable experience in supporting the capture and recording of impact from research projects;
•     Demonstrated experience of fund raising for projects;
•     Record of publications in high impact peer reviewed journals;
•     Significant experience in establishing strong relationships with external partners such as, Government, Industry, NGOs, Think tanks and multi-lateral donor organizations;
•     Excellent communicator, both written and oral, able to express complex technical issues in plain language;
•     Demonstrated ability to lead a team and a strong understanding of the entire research project development and research management cycle;
•     Excellent relationship management skills at an executive level;

How to Apply: If you are interested in this position, please email iiww_hr@ifmr.ac.in with your Resume & cover letter, and any queries related to this position.