Data Analyst, IFMR LEAD

Chennai, India
Start date: July 2017

IFMR LEAD, headquartered in Chennai, India, is a young, fast-growing organization focused on improving access to financial services for the poor through cutting-edge research, knowledge dissemination and outreach to policy makers and practitioners. IFMR LEAD’s strategy is to use rigorous, empirical research to:

•     Inform practice: Through research, IFMR LEAD provides evidence on what works and what does not.
•     Inform policy: IMFR LEAD supports policy debates with empirical data and analysis, and provides further insight to policy-makers from its field experience

Towards this goal, IFMR LEAD aims to facilitate a process where research questions emerge from the local policy context and policy and programmatic decisions are guided by research outcomes.

Job Description:

IFMR LEAD currently seeks a qualified data analyst to provide support on data analytics initiatives of the “Worker Sorting, Work Discipline and Development” project. The candidate will work from Chennai, with close supervision from the Professors at MIT, to perform data cleaning and analysis, manage databases, and produce graphics and software applications.

Project Description:

This project aims to better understand why large formal firms are typically more productive than small informal firms. This productivity difference may stem from two very different sources. On the one hand, factory or office work can serve as a sorting device. Workers may have very different costs of and preferences for, stricter (factory or office-based) work versus more flexible home-based work, and these costs/preferences may be correlated with other characteristics such as ability and skill levels. If higher-effort higher-ability workers are drawn to the stricter work environment in a factory or office setting, this sorting alone may generate dramatic differences in the productivity of office and home-based units. On the other hand, if production is more efficient when organized in an office setting, or if learning is faster, the observed productivity difference between office and home-based work may be driven purely by the office-based production methods. In this project, we aim to quantify these two competing explanations for why workers in larger firms are more productive than those in small firms.

Basic Qualifications:

•     Minimum experience of at least 1 year performing statistical analysis;
•     Extensive experience with a statistical analysis package such as Stata or R.
•     Extensive knowledge of regression analysis
•     Candidates with Master’s degree are preferred.
•     Solid understanding of research project design and processes
•     Proven analytical skills, including, specifically, skills working with quantitative data using econometric methods

To Apply

Send your resume, cover letter, and a writing sample to . In the subject line, please write exactly your first (given) name, last (family) name, as well as the text “Data Analyst – IFMR LEAD”. Only short-listed candidates will be contacted for an interview.